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Hello, I am Cindy Fox. I have been a Forever Living business owner since 1974. I love what I'm doing and am totally inspired by the products and business. I am a mom of 4 grown children, and grand mom of many lovely grand children.I grew up in poverty and made a decision as I grew older to break the mold. It is taking hard work and perseverance but it's a happening! It's not nearly that difficult when you love what you do, love the products you sell and are surrounded by people that care about you beyond a $$ sign.  It's depressing to be involved in direct sales of a product to be dumped if you don't meet someone's quota. You can see why being valued has taught me to value others and not sell out to any company that doesn't value me and my skills. Therefore; I wouldn't expect you to settle for any less. I've been an online retailer since 1998 and involved in several direct sales companies. I also have been a social media specialist,and web designer/digital graphic artist. I'm inspired by Forever Living products with aloe, the best from the bees, Essential Oils (New), and botanicals. So inspired I want to share Forever's Aloe based,natural products and business, helping with anything from acne to suggestions about the Zika virus. made with ethical and sustainable standards.I am here to get to know you and your needs, and offer you the best in natural aloe based products. Ask me questions and if I don't know the answer I will certainly find out.  FOREVER Living is dedicated to seeking only nature’s best source for health and beauty and offering them to the world. It's something to be very proud to have benefited millions around the world, promising to continue the pursuit of quality and excellence, thus ensuring to continue to give you what you need to maintain the vitality you deserve!  Products I will be sharing with you to name a few categories are Aloe Vera Drinks, Nutrition Products, Bee Products, Products for Weight Management, Essential Oils,Skin Care, Personal Products, and Sonya Cosmetics. Aloe vera based, natural, many use the best from the bees, botanicals, vitamins, fruit extract and more.I look forward to sharing with you!  Whether a newborn to 100+, Forever Living Rocks! I look forward to sharing a lot more with you and getting to know each other if you'd wish. Be sure to connect with me on Social Media sites as well.

FOREVER has helped millions of people, from all around the world, achieve dreams that they never imagined possible.

FOREVER has given me the chance to share a wonderful opportunity and amazing products with the entire world. I have achieved financial independence and better health through this amazing opportunity.

Are serious about your health, interested in natural products with aloe, vitamins, the best from the bees and with botanicals, I'm here to offer you the best Forever Living products offer.  

Are you serious about taking control of your financial future, then FOREVER is the perfect opportunity for you!
Come spend a few minutes and watch a video to give you a first hand look at what you can expect and where you can go. The sky isn't even the limit in my biased opinion.